Mи Можемо Све

About Us

Mission and vision  

The association „We can do everything“ was founded with the goal to influence creation of equal opportunities for all, through engaged actions of the wider social community, while respecting diversity. In addition to legislation, this requires additional efforts to change the way of thinking about people with disabilities. Changing the attitudes and changing the consciousness of the entire society is a serious step that we are ready to make with the help from all of you, with the help of the community of people with disabilities, but also from those who are not, because only by joint action and mutual acceptance we can influence consciousness and thus, truly change the world. Our vision is a Serbia in which the principles of Universal Design are respected, laws are respected and legal provisions are applied.Our mission is to empower people with disabilities through concrete actions of public advocacy and inclusive program in order to equally meet the needs and desires of all citizens.  

The team 

„We can do everything“ brings together a team of young people whose various sensibilities, interests and professions already contribute greatly to the disability rights movement through social activism and the constant ongoing fight for the rights of persons with disabilities while improving their social status.  

Become a member

If we’ve got you interested, and you would like to join our team in the efforts and implementation of the association’s actions, we encourage you to fill out the application form. Your membership is precious to us, and your ideas and questions are always welcome. In a place where there will always be someone who will listen to you, understand you, and respect your unique point of view and your feelings, you’ll find the help to acquire new knowledge, and together we will overcome obstacles.  

Support our goals

If you share our values and want to support the work of our association, you can do it via donations and through the assistance in our regular and periodic activities. Donations are voluntary and transparent. After each implemented action, the donor receives a report on the use of the funds. Rights and obligations between donors and association can also be regulated by contract.

Please, be free to contact us we are open for cooperation.

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